IMPORTANT ! ! ! ! Sign up starts the first day of the month and you must sign up at least by the day before you fish in your tournament. You can not sign up after you fish your tournament.  All contestants that enter the sidepot will be responsible for notifying of their Big Bass by clicking on the contact link on this page and filling out the form and submitting it. The contestant's information as the well as the weight of the Big Bass is required to win the sidepot. reserves the right to verify the information provided by checking the Club, League, or Trail website the contestant is a member of or with the club director or president. reserves the right to require a polygraph test. All sidepots will start the first day of the month and and end the last day of that month. The sidepot cash prize will be paid to the winner / winners by the 15th of the following month. The contestant with the largest bass at the end of the month will win the sidepot.

**** Your information or email address will not be shared or sold to anyone. Thank you ****

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